Foreword from Noh Mask Craftswoman, Mitsue Nakamura

Noh Mask Craftswoman, Mitsue Nakamura The expression of the Noh mask, the way it looks to us, shows as figurative expression of unemotional mask. However, the distinctive characteristic of Noh world is to express compassion and the intimate aspect of the person rather than story line. In this context, the Noh masks appear in the theatrical shows expressing rich emotions. The Noh masks are formatively designated to express the various emotions of humans (truthfully, the spirits and gods), such as: anger, sorrowfulness, joyfulness, sadness, hatefulness, jealousness, shyness, and a pounding heart the way it felt in first love. In fact, the masks change its expression greatly when there is a slight change on its angles.

The Noh actors, who put on the mask, are always concern on the angles when they wear the mask. In this website, you can actually see the Noh masks changing their facial expressions in various ways. Those changes on facial expressions shown in this website use a series taken photographs and not modified by the computer graphics.



Latest News

Exhibition of the Mitsue Nakamura’s Noh masks
(The exhibition closed already)

As her first trial, Mitsue Nakamura held the private exhibition at “Art Stage 567” rather than in white cube.

The gallery was an impressive space - the clay walls and Ivy of the bright toriniwa (long and narrow garden); a nostalgic open kitchen ceiling with soil floor; the main gallery where you can feel the air from the street; and dozo (storehouse with thick earth walls) gave us the magnificent impression.-   

The Noh masks presented in the gallery showed a bit different expression than usual in the art space where preserved the refined taste of the traditional machiya (merchant's house) in the good manner.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the guests and those who supported the opening of this exhibition.

Mitsue Nakamura, Noh Mask Craftswoman



A lecture meeting
(The lecture meeting finished already)

April 12 (Wed), 2017 – April 14 (Fri), 2017

In the 60th general assembly and academic meeting, during the culture lecture program of the Japan Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, which was held in Osaka international convention center in April 12, I titled my lecture as the “Story of Noh masks” and talked about the history of the simple mask developed to Noh mask, types of the Noh masks, the change of the facial expression which are peculiar to the Noh mask by using the screen image as well.   
Being among of the prestigious lecturer, I was so nervous to speak in front of the plastic and reconstructive surgery doctors, however, after the presentation I was relieved to hear that my lecture was quite well-received by audience.

With honor, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the audience of my lecture, the Japan Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, along with those staffs who attended on the day.

Mitsue Nakamura, Noh Mask Craftswoman



June 3, 2014

The Fundação Oriente museum in Lisbon, Portugal stored my Noh mask as its collection.



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